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About Williams Wools - Kendal

Williams Wools opened in August 2009 after lots of frantic DIY-ing, painting and decorating. Although it had never been a long term plan to own a wool shop (or a shop of any description for that matter) when the opportunity to purchase this dark, dismal and somewhat ugly premises came along I knew it had the potential to be exactly the right space for how I felt a wool shop should be.

I’ve been a knitter for many years, originally taught by my Grandma, Mum and Aunties I started in earnest when my own family came along.

After a few years of being unable to knit I returned to it with a passion and even started a knitting group! I realized I was having to travel quite long distances to find the high quality yarns I love to knit with and that I probably wasn’t alone in this. So what better idea than to open my own shop to stock all my favourites and brands that hopefully give other knitters pleasure too!?

Kirkland is a great destination area for specialist shops and is a wonderful retail community. The shop is just next door to Peppercorn car park so it’s in a really good spot to pop in for knitting essentials, or perhaps with a knitting emergency! I’m always happy to try and help with questions or problems.

I hold knit-alongs, workshops and classes. We often have knit nights in the shop - just give us a call if you would like to pop in and join us on the comfy sofas.

I was lucky enough to be brought up in a close knit family, and that’s how I learnt my knitting skills. I believe that in a small way our knitting group is building a community, we offer help, advice, encouragement and sometimes even a shoulder. I think we’ve made a “home” for a Williams’ Wools knitting family.

Wool Is My Bread 2 from Jenny Wild on Vimeo.

Come along and visit us, we’d love to meet you.

Adrienne x